Technology. A Cost Center?

If your business still considers technology a cost-center, you might want to rethink your strategic relationship with “tech.” This year, we challenge every organization to focus on technology and data innovation. Regardless of your current product(s), technology is becoming a necessary part of your customer delivery model. Whether you sell machines, shoes, or insurance, your customers want easy. This means building tech into your products and customer service is a must. Your buffer has run out, and it’s time to act.


You have probably heard of a few companies like Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Shipt, Netflix, or YouTube. Every one of these companies has used technology to innovate, differentiate, disrupt, or even create new markets. In fact, the list of innovative companies continues to grow at an exponential rate while putting traditional companies out of business. This is happening at a more rapid pace than any other time in history.

Customer Experience

Google “the fourth industrial revolution“. The consumer demand for quality, quick, and easy is the reality every business is facing today. The adage of “do you want it cheap, fast, or good – pick two,” is no longer relevant; we want all three! With free mobile apps at our fingertips along with Amazon and Alexa always around to answer your questions and place orders, this level of innovation has become expected at home and in business. This expectation includes your employees, customers, business partners, and anyone else you interact with. We are witnessing personal tech being pushed into the market which has historically been the opposite.


DPT Solutions on a mission to help bring organizations into the digital age along with a new level of thinking. Look to the average tenure of S&P 500 or the average tenure of small business; history is no longer an indicator of future success. We continue to witness the steady decline of companies that were once staples of the economy. These companies are being replaced or disrupted by leading-edge innovation. Whether you’re a startup company or a Fortune 100 company, you need a plan to innovate. We want to help you chart out a path, leveraging technology to enhance your products and services while generating valuable data to grow your business to another level. This is genuinely more achievable than ever before which also means your competition has a leg-up.

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