Business Process Strategy & Automation


Business Process Automation is the digital transformation of existing processes and workflow for empowering businesses to enhance productivity and improve overall business efficiency.

Business process automation is dependent on a strategic vision combined with an innovative mindset.


Improve your business collaboration and intelligence by engaging employees and customers alike. With our strategic analysis and personalized approach, we’ll optimize your business to increase performance in the modern age.

  • Increased efficiency & reduced cost
  • Business agility & ability to adapt to changing markets
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Consistent workflow
  • Employee & customer retention
  • Data integrity & reporting


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aren’t just buzzwords or innovative strategies reserved for big business. By combining a strategic approach with leading-edge technologies, you will have more purposeful insight into your business than ever before.


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Business Process Strategy

A well planned and laid out strategy is the foundation in which automated processes are formulated.

Business Process Automation

From lead to cash, scalable and profitable business strategy requires process automation and efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Shedding light across your business platforms is vital in decision-making capabilities and actionable outcomes towards efficiency and growth.

Data Organization & Visibility

The world is driven by purposeful data. From artificial intelligence to machine learning, your data must get organized.


Application Integration

Spreadsheets and emails shouldn’t be a standard day-to-day method for communicating between departments and business units. 

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner offering a full suite of Microsoft products and solutions complimenting your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Solution Provider (Tier 1)

DPT has the ability to sell all of your Office365 and Dynamics365 license needs.


As a ClickDimensions Partner, you can bet your Marketing Automation needs will be handled.

Your Challenges

If your business fits any of these risk profiles, you are a great candidate for a consult surrounding Business Process Strategy and Automation.

As the saying goes, “the best time to plant a tree was 40 years ago, the next best time is now”. We are in the fourth industrial revolution and your technology landscape will differentiate your business or a disrupt your business.


Bottom-line Revenue

If you are you scaling your top-line revenue without recognizing bottom-line profitability, it is time to look at business process automation.

Homegrown System(s)

Technology has evolved tremendously over the past several years. Where homegrown solutions were a necessity, they are now a significant business risk.

Inaccurate Data

When you can’t trust your system data and are heavily dependent on “tribal knowledge” and spreadsheets to get things done, it is time to consider transforming your business.

Merger or Acquisition

If your company has merged with another company or is seeking to acquire a company, blending process, technology and people is the key to efficiency and bottom-line growth.

Manual Reporting

If your daily, weekly, annual, or ad-hoc reporting is still a manual process, it is time to break down your data silos.

Data Silo's

When left to individual departments and business units, data silo’s can create security risks and a significant lack of transparency, reporting, and information for your business.