Marketing Automation


Personalized campaigns, seamless interactions, and unique customer journeys all geared toward aligning your sales and marketing efforts while differentiating you from your competition.

Plan. Automate. Monitor. Our strategic solutions allow sales and marketing to work in conjunction with a unified and streamlined approach. From basic lead-tracking and scoring to advanced analytics, you will be armed with the right knowledge to grow your interactions and your business.


While strong marketing relies on quality content, it also depends on a strategic and automated approach. This means taking systematic actions on clicks, views, and engagements to help secure a buyer or resolve a negative review. Like your customer service, your marketing engine needs to run 24/7.


As with most industry trends, it begins with meeting the customers where they are. This means that with an ever expanding foundation of social media platforms, smart devices, and apps, our social outreach and brand awareness needs to be quick and nimble. While content marketing is a core competency to any marketing department, alignment with strategic business goals and sales is the difference maker. 


Let us Help with a Strategy-First Approach!


Sales & Marketing Strategy

A well planned and laid out strategy is the foundation in which marketing and automated processes are formulated.


Marketing requires a system that has the ability to evolve and scale. This also means it shouldn’t be another hidden silo of mystery data.



Drive end to end results through engagement of Sales, Marketing, and customer service. Marketing is your brand and your brand is your business.

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner offering a full suite of Microsoft products and solutions complimenting your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Solution Provider (Tier 1)

DPT has the ability to sell all of your Office365 and Dynamics365 license needs.


As a ClickDimensions Partner, you can bet your Marketing Automation needs will be handled.

Your Challenges

If your business fits any of these risk profiles, you are a great candidate for a consult surrounding Marketing Automation.

While there is a lot of buzz around the countless marketing tools, don’t be fooled by the next squirrel running past the window. Marketing takes effort combined with business strategy to truly drive outcomes. Driving web and social traffic is important but if this traffic doesn’t lead to engagement, you’ve simply created an expensive brand awareness program.


Business Alignment

If your marketing initiatives aren’t aligned with your business strategy and goals, you have simply created a costly brand awareness platform. 

Customer Engagement

People buy from people and marketing automation strategy should include true audience engagement across the appropriate mediums for your business. 

Buyer Journey

If you don’t understand where your buyers play and what their journey is, you are missing out on opportunity. 

Measurable Leads

Your marketing automation engine should be creating warm leads regardless of your business consumer. 

Emails, Surveys and Web

While email, surveys and website visits seem like table stakes, many businesses are failing to track these metrics within the context of each other.