Finance & Operations


Finance and Operations is a solution that will pull all aspects of the business into an accounting platform that can replace such solutions as Quickbooks, Great Plains, NetSuite and others. 


By combining information and data from lead to cash, you are gaining business intelligence and efficiency across your business work streams. Providing employees and customers the opportunity to make dynamic changes while using familiar tools and interfaces ensures the data is input and all associated systems are up-to-date. 

  • Sales efficiency through minimal touches
  • Real-time updates through known interfaces
  • Consistent invoicing and reporting
  • Inner-application meaning no integrations


We live in a world that is quickly changing and unpredictable. Our teams require technology applications that are integrated and seamless with their day-to-day workflow. If it isn’t easy, it won’t get done. By meeting employees and customers where they are across mobile devices and on-the-go applications, rest assured your business and customer needs will be met.


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Supply Chain Automation

Forecast materials and resources to maximize operations and increase visibility across your supply chain.

Sell Smarter

Provide your sales teams and customer with familiar and easy to use tools decreasing the cost and increasing the speed to close.

Optimize Operations

Ensure the appropriate levels of inventory in the right places based on customers needs and predictive intelligence.

Insight & Intelligence

Provide real-time operational insight across your business creating transparency and accuracy from lead to cash.

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner offering a full suite of Microsoft products and solutions complimenting your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Solution Provider (Tier 1)

DPT has the ability to sell all of your Office365 and Dynamics365 license needs.


As a ClickDimensions Partner, you can bet your Marketing Automation needs will be handled.

Your Challenges

If your business fits any of these risk profiles, you are a great candidate for a consult surrounding Finance & Operations.

Disparate accounting and inventory systems were a thing of the 90’s. Today, our teams require the appropriate levels of transparency from sales to the CEO ensuring lead to cash goals are being met while decreasing the risk for roadblocks along the way.


Bottom-line Revenue

If you are you scaling your top-line revenue without recognizing bottom-line profitibality, it is time to look at business process automation.

Homegrown System(s)

Technology has evolved tremendously over the past several years. Where homegrown solutions were a necessity, they are now a significant business risk.

Inaccurate Data

When you can’t trust your system data or are heavily dependent on “tribal knowledge” and spreadsheets to get things done, it is time to consider transforming your business.

Manual Reporting

If your daily, weekly, annual, or ad-hoc reporting is still a manual process, it is time to break down your data silos.

Data Silo's

When left to individual departments and business units, data silo’s can create security risks, a significant lack of transparency, reporting, and information for your business.