Customer Experience & Engagement

Improving business solutions that set the stage for a better customer experience throughout all business level and interactions.


Customer Experience is typically comprised of multi-channel communications to and from prospects and customers. These channels can range from simple voice and call center solutions to texting and chat. 


Customer Engagement is the combination of Customer Experience solutions as well as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), data accessibility and artificial intelligence to help you navigate customer journeys in a meaningful and purposeful way.


In a world in which responsiveness and consistency are key, customer experience extends far beyond customer service representatives and call center products. To cultivate strong, long-lasting relationships, the right people in all customer-facing positions need access to the appropriate data at the appropriate times.


By arming your teams with leading edge technologies that are user friendly and predictive, your customer will be pleased with a proactive approach to customer service as opposed to reactive. 


We're Here to Help!

Customer Service Strategy

Aligning your customer-facing support teams with your business and product strategy is crucial. Let us help develop your Best-In-Class process and technology.


Proactive Engagement

Through predictive intelligence, machine learning, and IoT, you can deliver an entirely new level of proactive customer engagement. Resolve early to avoid the problem.

Customer Experience Ecosystem

Customer Experience (CX) can be comprised of an increasing number of elements, including social. Let us help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

Microsoft Partner

We are a Microsoft Partner offering a full suite of Microsoft products and solutions complimenting your digital transformation journey.

Cloud Solution Provider (Tier 1)

DPT has the ability to sell all of your Office365 and Dynamics365 license needs.


As a ClickDimensions Partner, you can bet your Marketing Automation needs will be handled.

Your Challenges

If your business fits any of these risk profiles, you are a great candidate for a consult surrounding Customer Engagement and Customer Experience.

Depending on your business, it costs 600% more to gain new customers than retain existing customers. While sales are a critical part of business, customer retention is a key element for successful growth. 

Empower your employees and customers through engagement.


Lack of Visibility

Accessible and purposeful data regarding your customer interactions is key to maintaining long-term relationships. If you a performing analysis after complaints or the loss of a customer, it’s too late.

Poor Customer Retention

Studies show that less than 4% of customers will report dissatisfaction. This means you may never know why they left without internal metrics, SLA’s, and constant nurturing.

Undefined Metrics

Do your internal teams know what they are expected to deliver in terms of Service Level Agreements(SLA’s)? If your team members and leadership do not have automated methods and notifications to track internal metrics, it is time to rethink your delivery applications. Working harder is not the answer.

Inconsistency of Outcomes

Your customer facing delivery and support teams shouldn’t require their own written notes and individual knowledge to perform well. If your entire team doesn’t have appropriate visibility, your customer’s experience will be inconsistent.

Inconsistent Reporting

When it comes to your customers satisfaction, real-time knowledge and metrics are imperative. Discovering an issue hours, days, or weeks is too late.