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Project Management

Do you have complex project(s) that are key to your company's organizational success but aren't getting the quality leadership or have the project plan and execution you feel it deserves and requires for the results you desire?

DPT can help. We take traditional project management like budgets, tasks and deadlines and add leadership expertise like strategic goals, analysis, key performance indicators, marketing and much more. With DPT you get more than a PMP certified resource. Our team has strategic leadership skills that take the project management process to a whole new level.

View our client's reaction to this service → “Our critical solution upgrade project would not have gone as smoothly as it did without DPT’s Project Leadership and involvement of their entire team. We are appreciative of everything they did to help us stay on schedule and within budget while managing project risk. I also think it’s great that other key Alerus stakeholders were able to experience DPT’s expertise and commitment firsthand.”

Allison Meyer, Retirement Relationship Manager,
Alerus Retirement Solutions

Business Process Management

What is BPM?

Companies are typically organized by function, however they drive results based on how well their processes run. Business Process Management (BPM) takes a process-oriented approach to defining and improving your daily operations and leverages technology to support the business process.

What if you had an outside, fresh and objective business perspective on your processes?

Business owners and leaders depend on DPT for BPM to improve corporate performance by identifying, managing, optimizing and automating company business processes. We'll help you identify what is working and what isn't.

View our client's reaction to this service → “DPT’s Project Management skills are very impressive. We relied heavily on them to navigate us through this major project. The DPT team is very professional and promotes a high level of user acceptance through their leadership. They always found solutions to problems to keep our projects moving forward and defined the steps for success clearly. As a result, we never hit a roadblock that prevented us from being successful.”

Marjie Dood, Executive Vice President of Administration,
Chief Financial Officer, Bethany Christian Services

CRM Solutions

Looking for a new CRM solution or to ramp up your existing CRM?

Identifying your business process and making a CRM software selection that meets the growing and changing demands of your business are keys to your ability to successfully manage business relationships and business performance into the future.

DPT will lead you through the entire project management steps from the discovery of goals and objectives, CRM software selection, business process management, implementation, and training. DPT provides a comprehensive offering of CRM and Project Leadership consulting services for selecting and implementing your business software.

• Project Leadership
• CRM Selection
• Business Process Management
• CRM Implementation
• CRM Training/Management

View our client's reaction to this service → “We needed to move into a new CRM system that was externally supported. DPT has the depth of experience to ask the right questions, evaluate current processes and recommend changes. They listen to your needs. DPT has provided us with detailed reviews of several systems, delivered specifications on the process, identified needed workflows, documented requirements and a roadmap to the development of supporting systems we use in our organization.

"Bob Van Putten, Bethany Christian Services,
VP of Technology

Marketing Automation

Would you like to develop or streamline sales and marketing processes and effectively measure, manage and coordinate marketing channels while automating repetitive tasks?

DPT can help.

Marketing Automation allows businesses to plan, automate and schedule repetitive marketing processes that builds bridges between sales and marketing organizations and drives marketing and sales results.

Whether you are a beginner or a sophisticated marketing professional we've got your solutions. No matter your marketing strategies - simple email communications, lead nurturing campaigns with lead scoring, monitoring your website or email behavior or sending out survey follow ups, we stand ready to lead and guide you with a highly regarded business process and marketing automation tool.

View our client's reaction to this service → “We initially signed up with Click Dimensions simply to integrate our email marketing campaigns directly with CRM. Wow! Our email sales more than tripled plus we’ve integrated our webinars, automated our customer surveys and improved our new customer on-boarding. And we’re just getting started! DPT’s intimate knowledge of our business processes and CRM customizations made hiring them to implement Click Dimensions a no-brainer.”

Kevin Walburg, Global IDM Manager,
Garrison Dental Solutions

Cloud Solution Provider

Do you need an outside business perspective on how to use the full capabilities of Office 365 to manage and grow your business operations? Could you benefit from increased efficiencies, and reduced complexities and costs of IT?

An integrated, flexible cloud platform provides your business with the power and agility required to stay a step ahead of the competition and support ongoing growth. With the right process and use of technology, you can increase efficiencies and reduce the complexity and the cost of IT. DPT’s business process experience coupled with Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud Solutions will optimize your business process and drive greater performance.