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Marketing Automation

Would you like to develop or streamline your sales and marketing processes? What about automating repetitive tasks or coordinating your different marketing channels to be more effective and produce measurable results? All this and more is possible with marketing automation.

As a Silver Partner of ClickDimensions, DPT helps businesses track their prospects from click to close with this certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) solution. Whether you are a beginner or a sophisticated marketing professional, ClickDimensions is for you. It expands our clients’ business strategies with the marketing capabilities of Dynamics CRM by adding email marketing, web tracking, lead scoring, campaign tracking, form capture and survey functionality to CRM. It also builds bridges between your sales and marketing teams by giving you the tools to plan, automate, and schedule repetitive marketing processes that generate new leads and drive sales results.


ClickDimensions is among the highest-rated marketing solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics marketplace for a reason. The experts at DPT are ready to help your business implement this powerful marketing automation tool.