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How to Stick with CRM Past Your Initial Data Import

How to Stick with CRM Past Your Initial Data Import

How to Stick with CRM Past Your Initial Data Import

Increasing user adoption is difficult for nearly every company that installs Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. It’s a powerful tool but one that your staff needs to get used to. A lot of articles will tell you to incentivize team members or lead by example, but the tips listed below are four concrete, practical ways you can use ensure your team sticks with–and benefits from–CRM longterm.


Train, train, and train again! | Don’t make the mistake of only having one training session to get your team ready for CRM. Even if they understand how to use the software quickly, a refresher may be necessary. Give them the tools they need to succeed by providing extra training sessions, video tutorials, handouts, and manuals they can reference to solve problems on their own.

Get rid of the excess. | No one is happy when they have to enter useless information into CRM. It makes the software seem tedious, and no one likes searching through it later. Instead, take the time to get rid of any unnecessary fields in your CRM. It will declutter the page, streamline the process of entering information, and ultimately make CRM easier to use.

Check your phone. | Is your CRM mobile friendly? If not, it probably should be. Being able to access all of your precious data on the go is essential to empowering your staff to be productive from anywhere. This is especially true for your Sales Team.

Tap into your contacts. | In this day and age, nearly everyone has business contacts that they mainly connect with over email. All of those interactions–and the relevant information passing between recipients–may need to be logged into CRM. Make it easy by adding CRM to your email.


Don’t wait and hope that your team members will adopt CRM over time. Be proactive! Contact us to learn more about increasing user adoption.