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Run 4 a Cause!

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DPT's second year participating as a team in Run 4 a Cause was a good one... The day started early, and the results were well worth the effort that each of the participants and volunteers put forward. Run 4 a Cause achieved their best year ever for participants and sponsors. They had 481 runners this year and raised roughly $27,000 for Helen DeVos Children's Hospital! With the revenue that was generated, they will be impacting so many children.

We at DPT are proud to support this event.

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Race director, Denise Hamill says:

"I actually started the race to get involved in some community events and wanted to personally and as a company give back to the community. I felt this was a really great place to give, promote good health and fitness and get my kids involved."

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Will you be joining us next year?


Check out our other causes:

Find out more about Run 4 a Cause:

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Thursday, 16 May 2013 10:26

DPT Sponsors THE Project 2013

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The Western Michigan Chapter of the Project Management Institute (WMPMI) held its second annual awards gathering for an inter-collegiate project management competition on April 16, 2013 at Davenport University. DPT sponsored this event that brought seven teams from five schools together to compete for cash prizes and the real world professional experience of crafting a project plan. The project plans were reviewed and judged by a panel of prominent executives from West Michigan.

THE Project 2013

In keeping with DPT's guiding principles to be a contributor in our community, attract and retain top business people in West Michigan, and to remain locally-focused to best serve our clients, we were proud to support this year's project that was linked to one of Governor Rick Snyder's Reinventing Michigan strategic initiatives: "Keeping Our Youth – Our Future – Here."

More about DPT's core values and guiding principles
More about THE Project 2013
More about Reinventing Michigan strategic initiatives

Have you thought about your relationships with technology vendors lately?

The quality of these relationships can help or hinder you from serving your customers well. Here are a few things you should consider...

  1. Every day, you renew the investment.
    When working with vendors – particularly technology vendors – you once made a decision to invest your money and time in their products and services. Would you make the same decision today? Why or why not?

  2. Vendor products impact your ability to deliver as promised.
    Building a strategic relationship with technology vendors is about more than just investing in the software or services they provide – it's a means by which you are able to serve your customers. If the relationship with your vendors is not clearly understood, communicated, or well-defined, there's a risk to your ability to deliver as promised. When problems arise, will it be work or play? Working together to find resolution? Or playing the "blame game"?

  3. Trust is the foundation for any relationship, professional and personal.
    As in any relationship, a foundation of trust and mutually agreed-upon expectations is essential. Trust grows with time and consistent experiences. What are your expectations of this professional relationship? You're setting yourself up to win if there is an alignment of values and established practices to support business and customer relationship management goals.

  4. In your customers' eyes, the "buck stops with you" – no matter who else is involved.
    It's easy to assume that your technology vendors will be accountable and responsible for driving your entire project from start to finish – but oftentimes, they view the scope of their project as simply making sure that the technology is installed and it works. No matter how vendors are involved in your projects, it's ultimately up to you to address important topics, such as: How will you manage change within your organization? Who needs to know what and when? How and when will the project move into "day to day" operations and staffing support?

Want to build or repair a relationship with a technology vendor? Sign up for DPT's Project Leadership webinar on 4/17 to learn about success factors you should employ. Register here.

Monday, 25 March 2013 14:48

DPT Sponsors Marketing for Nonprofits Event

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Thanks to everyone who joined us at the recent AMA event sponsored by DPT! Speaker Bill McKendry (from Hanon-McKendry) shared valuable tips about branding and marketing for nonprofits, such as:

  • "Persuade with reason, motivate with emotion"
  • How to think about your competition as a nonprofit
  • Why "frequency wins"

But as we learned, marketing and branding for nonprofits is about a lot more than just getting your name out and promoting your services. Ultimately, it's about being able to do more for your stakeholders, help more people, and change more lives for the better.

AMA Sponsored Lunch

At DPT, we've worked with West Michigan nonprofits to help them with Customer Relationship Management (CRM). But in the case of nonprofits, we should change the word "Customer" to "Community" because it's about a lot more than just one group of people. It's about all the people you serve: your members, donors, and volunteers. How you manage each of these relationships can not only help you meet performance goals and streamline your communications - but it can mean so much more.

It could mean that your staff has more time to do what's important.
Grow your donor and sponsorship base.
Help more people.


If you want to know more about DPT's work with nonprofits, please contact us, or if you're interested in learning more ways you can effectively market your nonprofit, we hope you'll check out Bill McKendry's blog:

Thursday, 21 March 2013 11:14

Women's Resource Center Pillar Awards

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DPT is proud to sponsor the 24th annual Women's Resource Center Pillar Awards today, March 21, 2013! As a locally-focused company, we at DPT support the work of employers who empower women in West Michigan and also celebrate with the Women’s Resource Center on their 40th anniversary.

wrc logo

Event Purpose: Since 1987, Women's Resource Center has honored progressive West Michigan employers who empower women at work with policies designed to recruit, retain and advance women in their workplace. These employers are “pillars” for  working women and help the Women's Resource Center fulfill its mission to “improve women’s workplace and economic opportunities.” All event proceeds will help support the comprehensive employment services provided by WRC for disadvantaged women in our community.

Please join us in congratulating this year's Pillar Awards winners:

Express Employment Professionals
Porter Hills Retirement Communities and Services 

To find out more about the Women's Resource Center, please visit their website:

Stressed out about tax season?

Working with technology vendors can be stressful all year 'round... but it shouldn't be that way.
Join DPT's Project Leadership team for a webinar where we'll learn four success factors you should incorporate into your projects to realize the full potential of your technology vendor relationships.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013
11:00-11:45 a.m. with a 10 minute Q&A session following the webinar

Space is limited - click here to register for the webinar




Monday, 25 February 2013 10:01

In the Spotlight: Dan Williams

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DPT Dan WilliamsPlease join us in welcoming Dan Williams to the DPT team!

Dan brings almost 20 years of software development experience to DPT and is a key member of the CRM team. He is passionate about solving problems, regardless of the tools used.  He's worked with SQL server and some form of Microsoft development for his entire career, and will be the first to cast it aside if it doesn't fit the needs of our clients. The solutions to challenges are not always technical ones, but when they are, Dan has the experience and perspective to pick one that fits, and considers all the needs of our clients.

He’s a rare case of a software developer that is also a people-person.  Fun, personable, and passionate about what he does.

Click here to learn more about Dan Williams. 

Monday, 25 February 2013 09:49

Marketing for Nonprofits (DPT Sponsored Event)

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DPT NewsHow can marketing help your nonprofit move from “‘doing good’ to doing MORE good?”

DPT is sponsoring an American Marketing Association event on March 12 featuring Bill McKendry who will be sharing 13 Marketing Tips Nonprofits Can Use to Succeed in 2013. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • Seeing branding/marketing as an “investment” and not an “expense”
  • Making a case for how branding/marketing efforts are critical to achieving greater organizational impact and returns
  • Creating more effective and sustainable branding/marketing efforts

Click the link below for more details, and to register for the event:

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