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DPT is proud to support our West Michigan Veterans through sponsoring an event benefiting Folds of Honor, especially a week before Independence Day, for which so many have sacrificed for us to continue to enjoy. Folds of Honor has a tremendous mission to provide educational support to spouses and children of America’s fallen and wounded soldiers.

This year was West Michigan’s 1st Annual Patriot Golf Tournament at Sunnybrook Country Club. DPT’s Jack Kelly, Amy Flick, Henry Morley, and James Reinhardt participated in the tournament put on by a host of volunteers and organizer Brad Laackman. What a great time had by all, supporting a great organization and cause!


Jack Kelly probably shot the longest drive of his life – one of the most unusual features of an event based on supporting our military was the ability, under close supervision, to “drive” a golf ball from a rifle. Here’s the mark that was left on the ball after its 360 yard firing:


DPT is not only happy to support a great patriotic cause, but this is also part of our broader core values of community involvement. We have supported a number of local organizations, ranging from Bethany Christian Services, to Grand Rapids Active Commute Week. If you’d like to learn more about that, please visit our Community Involvement page.

If you’re interested in donating to Folds of Honor, please go to


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Tuesday, 17 May 2016 00:00

Dan McGraw Joins DPT Team!


My wife Julie and I are both West Michigan natives with a passion for family and community. Our two sons, Caleb and Hunter, both attend Grandville schools and are involved in extracurricular activities from cycling to robotics. We are firmly rooted in the community and value our family and friendships that we have established over the years.

danmcgraw - family

In business, I have been fortunate enough to experience tremendous growth throughout my career while working for great companies. These companies have ranged from small to large, which has provided me great insight into cultural assimilation, methodologies, practices and ultimately leadership. My roles within these companies have ranged from technical, to project leadership, to my most previous role as Chief Operating Officer.

As with all career decisions, I thoughtfully considered DPT after partnering with the company and developing a strong relationship with the leadership team. Following several months of dialogue, it was evident that the vision of DPT was closely aligned with my values, core competencies and ultimately my professional vision. In having met several DPT clients before coming on board, the client relationship focus and value was evident, adding icing to the proverbial cake.

I am looking forward to coupling my experience with the professional powerhouse of analysts and technical architects DPT has on staff. I believe in today’s technology world, there are significant opportunities for DPT to add tremendous value to the existing portfolio, ranging from business intelligence to field services. Ultimately, it seems natural to add additional data driven applications, analytics and clean data to the Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Project Leadership (PL) practices DPT has today.

When considering the growth of data over the past several years, DPT has the ability to help the market bring even more meaning to this data. It is estimated that 1.7mb of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet by 2020. It is also estimated that more data has been created in the past two years than in the entire previous history of the human race. These statistics among many similar statistics surrounding data were of interest to me as a business leader and are of equal interest in helping drive clean and meaningful data for our clients. As the saying goes, “knowledge is power” and I am looking forward to getting this knowledge into our client’s hands.

I am excited to bring my leadership ability in business and technology as well as my strong partner and client focus to DPT.

Read more about Dan McGraw in his bio >>
Connect with him on LinkedIn >>



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Wednesday, 23 March 2016 13:36

Introducing Diane Birtles!


I am very excited to be a part of the DPT team where so much of my education and experiences come together to better serve our customers. One could call my education and career path downright eclectic. With a technical background in computers and advanced degrees in intercultural studies and counseling one could wonder what common denominator they share: Each of them, at their core, are people and solution-focused. The same can be said about DPT. I am encouraged that DPT puts their focus on the customer and problem-solving first, and when necessary, using technology as part of the solution. Taking the time to listen to the clients’ issues and problems in order to thoughtfully resolve them is a key strength of the DPT team and one that attracted me to join them.

Diane Family Pic

As a Michigan native, I have lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for over 25 years and thoroughly enjoy the variety the area offers. From great entertainment venues and restaurants to the many parks and hiking trails in the area, don’t be surprised if you spot me at a favourite restaurant catching up with friends or taking a walk at a local park with one of my canine roommates.  Filled with some of the most giving and gracious people, West Michigan is a great place to live and work. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a company that believes in building strong relationships with a focus on local companies.   



Read more about Diane in her bio, and find her on LinkedIn.



As a Michigan native, I have lived in the Greater Grand Rapids area for over 25 years and thoroughly enjoy the variety the area offers.  From great entertainment venues and restaurants to the many parks and hiking trails in the area. [Ma1] Don’t be surprised if you spot me at a favorite restaurant catching up with friends or taking a walk at a local park with one of my canine roommates[Ma2] .  Filled with some of the most giving and gracious people, West Michigan is a great place to live and work. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of a company that believes in building strong relationships with a focus on local companies.

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 [Ma2]Maybe add their names in here?

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Monday, 01 February 2016 21:56

3 Ways to Invest in Your Nonprofit

Were your fundraising events successful?
If you’re like most nonprofits, your initial reaction would be to put those funds directly into your client services. While this is a great way to support your mission, this routine needs to be balanced with investing in organizational improvements that will streamline your nonprofit operations and ultimately, advance your mission to reach more people. Thinking more like a for-profit business can help you make solid investment decisions.


Here are three high priority ways to invest in your nonprofit:

  1. Streamline communications to all of the people tied to your organization.
    Solving the “over-communication” problem once and for all needs to be a priority. You’re probably familiar with the donor who is also a volunteer, who also serves on an advisory committee… How many duplicate communications have they received? Eliminating information silos and creating the ability to connect multiple roles to your constituents allows you to communicate to them with one “voice.” Investing in your processes and systems to support all of your relationships is a great way to get started.

  2. Manage and track your service delivery.
    Donors are demanding more visibility and results-oriented feedback. Whether for directed donation tracking or compliance reporting, investing in the ability to monitor the services you’ve delivered allows you to provide results quickly and save time for your organization. Making this connection between donor relations and service delivery tracking as efficient and effective as possible provides benefits for both areas of your organization.

  3. Integrate your marketing strategy across all channels.
    How can you best reach out to support your clients? What communication approaches will motivate your donors to support your cause? A robust marketing strategy should tie together traditional communication methods with your website, email campaigns, and social media to speak to your supporters in the way that resonates with them. As an example, tying mailing responses to your automated digital campaigns allows you to guide donors down the appropriate nurture tracts. These channels are unique and should work together to tell your story more effectively.

Click to Tweet: Start the year right - 3 ways to #invest in your #nonprofit: #strategy

In summary, these are just three of the potential ways to leverage donations to think and invest in your nonprofit the way a for-profit business would. Click to read more about how nonprofits should think like a for-profit.

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Monday, 25 August 2014 13:35

Introducing Mike O'Meara


"Working at DPT has been one of the happiest milestones of my career.  I’ve wanted to join a boutique consulting firm for years, where expectations are as demanding and results are as gratifying as one can imagine.  While globetrotting with the Big 4 consultancies had its rewards, relationships and successes with a client are much more meaningful when achieved as part of a small, talented team.


"For many years, I strived to gain experience across the broadest spectrum possible.  I completed a liberal arts education in public policy at renowned University of Chicago, which incorporates group psychology, research in policy efficacy, ethics, and micro and macroeconomics.  After that, Big 6 Consulting (now Big 4?) was a way to gain experience in each back office and front office discipline, while not being locked into any one or dozen industries.  I chose to keep my options open until I found something to be passionate about—as you can’t be successful without passion.  I’ve discovered that leadership advisory is where it’s at for me.  Practice leadership requires applying both creative and analytical hemispheres of the brain, which is something that suits my wiring.

"I’m new to Grand Rapids, having spent much of my career and life seemingly everywhere else imaginable.  I look forward to moving to beautiful West Michigan, where I’ll be found biking, dodgeballing (see comically bad photo), watching my daughter Irish dance and my son attending first grade, sneaking out to lunch with my wife who is a physician, and cruising on my relative’s pontoon boat on the Thornapple River….with my newfound friends and colleagues at DPT, of course!"


Read more about Mike


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Luke Maddox was recently interviewed for MiBiz and gave practical advice for getting more out of your Customer Relationship Management system - including points such as, "Set aside the software and first think about how you engage with your customers." Read more about best practices and advice from DPT and others on the MiBiz website.

Click here to read the full article.

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Thursday, 06 February 2014 16:19

The Right Mix

Making a great food dish starts with quality ingredients. There’s a lot of value in having fine flour, fresh veggies, and the perfect aged cheese when it comes to taking a recipe from “so-so” to mouthwatering. You wouldn’t build a gourmet pizza from less than perfect ingredients, and the same is true for improving your business performance.


Do you have a business problem or improvement area that you need to tackle? Or maybe you have an aggressive growth plan and need a partner to help you get there? Our experienced business strategists allow us to interact with our clients at a strategic level – quickly understanding your priorities and vision, and effectively bringing the right mix of DPT’s practice areas to bear to solve your problems and move you forward.

The question isn’t which service to start with, but what’s the right mix of business service “ingredients” to get at the heart of your problem and make business change happen. At DPT, our services are closely integrated, and we work with you to engage those services where it makes the most sense to bring you exactly what you need to improve your business.


As an example, a key success factor in implementing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is defining and standardizing the underlying business processes (Business Process Management). Meanwhile, Project Leadership plays a role not only in managing scope, schedules, and budget, but also in driving success through change management, mitigating risk, and measuring business performance.  Of course, we also leverage our extensive CRM strategy and design experience on such projects.

When it comes to improving your business performance, the value isn’t just in the ingredients, but in how they are mixed together to drive success. Want to know more about how DPT can help you take your business to the next level? Contact us.


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Tuesday, 28 January 2014 05:47

What is Project Leadership?


Business leaders expect more than the traditional view of project management which has often been relegated to tracking, managing and reporting time, scope and resources. DPT Project Leadership certainly manages time, scope, and resources - but then we go beyond.

Watch a two-minute video to learn more about what Project Leadership is, and how it can help your strategic projects succeed:



Want to know more? Contact us, or discover more about Project Leadership on our website.



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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 13:00

Shop small for big impact

Move over Black Friday. Small Business Saturday, November 30, encourages shoppers to "think small,'' helping local, small businesses keep more dollars in Michigan's economy. Small Business Saturday, held on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, has been celebrated since 2010 as a way to promote small retailers and the hard-working owners behind them.


Why help small business? Why help local businesses?

Here are two reasons DPT prides itself on helping small businesses and "buying local'' whenever we can:

1. A 2008 Civics Economics study in Grand Rapids found that for every $100 spent at a local business, $68 remains in the local economy versus $43 when you shop at a non-locally owned store. That magnitude expands if you consider buying locally versus ordering something online from out-of-state (

2. Most new jobs – about two-thirds – are created by small businesses ( So spending money with small businesses literally helps grow jobs and support the West Michigan economy.



As a small business ourselves, the DPT team knows what it is like to run, manage, and work in the small business environment and just how important each and every client is to our company's success. Please join us on Saturday, November 30 as we recognize the amazing people and companies that make up the small business community here in West Michigan.

Ways you can help:

  • Skip the crowded malls and go downtown to hunt for Christmas goods
  • Spend quality time with your family at a local restaurant
  • Tell your friends about the local businesses that you love and support!

To learn more on how you can help raise awareness for small businesses on Small Business Saturday, visit Or visit the SBS Grand Rapids Facebook page at

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Thursday, 26 September 2013 09:02

Take CRM to the Next Level of Performance

Customers - and prospects - are searching for you. How are you connecting with them?
Once you connect, what are you doing to help grow, nurture, and maintain that relationship?

A good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy needs flexibility in order to keep up with the ongoing, rapid changes in the way we do business. For example:

  • This year, the number of hours Americans spend using digital communications (web, smart devices, etc.) tops the number of hours we spend watching TV. (Source)
  • By 2015, more search will occur on mobile devices than on computers. (Source)
  • The rules and habits governing search and communications are in a constant state of flux. Are you keeping up?

As Clive Thompson explains in "Smarter than you think, how technology is changing our minds for the better," technology is not only changing the way our tools work, but it's changing the way our internal databases (our brains) work as well. Technology is also changing the types of third party referrals we are seeking. A well-defined CRM strategy can take your company to the next level by adapting and thriving through the business changes we all face.

At DPT, we partner with organizations who need help implementing CRM for the first time or are interested in kicking their current solution up a notch. We can show you how CRM enhances growth and provides better decision support and analytics for your managers (Contact us to learn how!). Because we focus on defining your business processes first (not just installing technology), we can give you the tools you need to gather the right information, and make CRM useful and understandable for your team – who in turn can more effectively nurture and maintain important relationships.



Read more about our approach to CRM.


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