Thursday, November 23, 2017
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According to “Think Round,” by Martha Pease, 90% of most organizations’ staff do not touch a customer, however, they strongly influence the customer experience.

In our previous video, we talked about how CRM helps store and benefit your customer-facing staff in sales, marketing, and service areas. Today we’ll dive into how that same Voice of the Customer information can benefit people who don’t directly touch the customer:

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Learn how #CRM can provide value beyond customer facing staff. Watch the video.

Reference: Pease, Martha and Campbell, Michael. (2015).Think Round.New York, New York: Continuum Press.


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It's about more than just communication preferences and data you're already collecting. Watch a 90 second video to learn how to leverage CRM and CRM processes to provide additional value to your customers through better marketing strategies, service strategies, and all other customer touchpoints:



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