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3 Ways to Invest in Your Nonprofit

Written by  Henry Morley
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Were your fundraising events successful?
If you’re like most nonprofits, your initial reaction would be to put those funds directly into your client services. While this is a great way to support your mission, this routine needs to be balanced with investing in organizational improvements that will streamline your nonprofit operations and ultimately, advance your mission to reach more people. Thinking more like a for-profit business can help you make solid investment decisions.


Here are three high priority ways to invest in your nonprofit:

  1. Streamline communications to all of the people tied to your organization.
    Solving the “over-communication” problem once and for all needs to be a priority. You’re probably familiar with the donor who is also a volunteer, who also serves on an advisory committee… How many duplicate communications have they received? Eliminating information silos and creating the ability to connect multiple roles to your constituents allows you to communicate to them with one “voice.” Investing in your processes and systems to support all of your relationships is a great way to get started.

  2. Manage and track your service delivery.
    Donors are demanding more visibility and results-oriented feedback. Whether for directed donation tracking or compliance reporting, investing in the ability to monitor the services you’ve delivered allows you to provide results quickly and save time for your organization. Making this connection between donor relations and service delivery tracking as efficient and effective as possible provides benefits for both areas of your organization.

  3. Integrate your marketing strategy across all channels.
    How can you best reach out to support your clients? What communication approaches will motivate your donors to support your cause? A robust marketing strategy should tie together traditional communication methods with your website, email campaigns, and social media to speak to your supporters in the way that resonates with them. As an example, tying mailing responses to your automated digital campaigns allows you to guide donors down the appropriate nurture tracts. These channels are unique and should work together to tell your story more effectively.

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In summary, these are just three of the potential ways to leverage donations to think and invest in your nonprofit the way a for-profit business would. Click to read more about how nonprofits should think like a for-profit.

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