Thursday, November 23, 2017

Luke Maddox

Luke Maddox

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Title: Partner


B.A. Economics \ University of Michigan, with high honors

On Life

My time outside of work is (happily) dominated by my four young children. I enjoy hiking, woodworking, playing guitar, and spending time with my lovely wife.

On Work

In my professional career, I have been involved on all sides of the system design, development, and implementation life cycle as a: business manager, end-user, business analyst, tester, programmer, and software architect. Through that experience, I have come to believe that effective communication and collaboration between business users, management, developers, and administrators is the key to success. Asking the right questions at the right time – and communicating answers in a language everyone can understand – can make the difference between extraordinary success and colossal failure.

On Service

The best framework for supporting this collaboration is a well-defined business process. An effective business process model allows all participants to visualize complex interactions and to see how each action or information flow provides value.

In my role at DPT, I help our clients to define their core business processes and to apply the right technologies for supporting, managing, and improving those processes. This may include specifying or designing new software, managing the selection of packaged software, or even proposing solutions with no software at all.


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