Sunday, April 23, 2017

Aligning People and Process to Drive Performance

Ken Haraburda

Ken Haraburda

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Title: Principal


B.S. \ Central Michigan University
M.A. \ Central Michigan University
M.B.A. Management \ Aquinas College 

On Life

On the lighter side, if I can only figure out how to be sipping a Latour, Screaming Eagle, or d’Yquem, listening to a Michael Crichton (rest his soul) book on tape while gliding a Specialized S-Works down the slopes of Alp d’Heuz to a Led Zeppelin / David Gray concert with my wife and two daughters, I will have realized my version of nirvana.

On Work

I have been involved with detailed analysis of people, systems and processes and the subsequent application of procedural and technology solutions, resulting in organizations reaching improvement goals for over 35 years. My unique combination of education, experience and perspective has proven valuable in providing insight and solutions over a wide range of organizational needs. I am comfortable working with management on big picture initiatives emphasizing strategy, direction and approach as well as detailed system designs, configurations, implementation and training projects.

On Service

My belief is DPT gets it right because we look and think before we shoot. An ounce of careful analysis and a big picture viewpoint can save a ton of re-work, missed expectations, lost opportunities and wasted investment. That’s our goal for every customer, and one we take seriously.


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