Thursday, November 23, 2017

Jack Kelly

Jack Kelly2

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Title: Principal


B.S. Agriculture \ Michigan State University

On Life

When not focused on work, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys, playing guitar and singing, and going to the lake. I also am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy golf, softball, shooting and many other outdoor sports. It is important to have fun in life – and smile.

On Work

I have had the fortunate opportunity to be involved in a great variety of different functions in business. Prior to my consulting career, I was in the financial services industry in leadership roles that included technology, finance, sales, business development, audit and credit. Additionally, I have held many board and executive positions. My strengths are resident on the practical and logical side of my brain. I have the ability to be both "big picture" as well as tactically detailed. I can quickly see a plan for a solution to challenges once facts are known. I thrive on a challenge and work best when my plate is nearly full. I do not get frustrated very easily. This is what makes working on business process execution, operational excellence and executive facilitation/planning so much fun. I have a passion for this work.

On Service

Providing great service requires a leadership mentality – regardless of your role. That means first and foremost I try to have my mind and heart outwardly focused. My attitude must be formed by combining faith, optimism, contentment, confidence, courage, honesty and energy – all toward a goal of doing good things and providing value to clients. I sincerely believe that nearly all people have an intent of doing good. Because of that, I try to take this attitude into my human interactions to help assure we don’t get 'sideways' with one another based on untrue assumptions of the other person’s intent. Having a good level of respect and communication are key. And – we need to have fun along the way. If we don’t enjoy what we are doing, we ought not be doing much of it! 

Last thought… "Whether driving, working or living - you will be bothered by far fewer obstacles if you spend nearly all of your time looking forward through the windshield rather than backward through the rear view mirror."