Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Treat your nonprofit more like a business

DPT works with many nonprofits in the West Michigan area and helps them carefully select and leverage best practices from the for-profit world to serve more people and expand outreach. Melding our nonprofit experience with for-profit best practices gives us a unique business consulting perspective and opportunity to help nonprofits move the needle on their performance. Three areas of this application of best practices include:

  • Relationship Management – Nonprofits actually have more relationships to manage than a typical for-profit business. A single person for a nonprofit could have four or five natural relationships with a nonprofit including donor, board member, service recipient, etc. However, it’s important that communications and touchpoints for each are managed in a coordinated fashion.
  • Business Process Management – Standardizing business processes and creating operational efficiencies allows nonprofits to focus more effort and funds on delivering on their mission. Injecting sales and pipeline best practices into your donor management processes is a good example of improving process efficiency.
  • Project Leadership – Organizing programs and projects to create a culture of continuous improvement allows nonprofits to stay relevant in the ever-expanding world of nonprofit services.


Hear from Diana Sieger, President of the Grand Rapids Community Foundation:

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Nonprofit Testimonials:

"Life is all about the people who interface with us each day. They are authors in our story. Baxter Community Center's doors are open to a beautiful mosaic of people who, while we walk alongside each other, are affecting the way in which we build community. Our four pillars of programs range from a Nationally Accredited Child Development Center, Marketplace programming, Youth Mentoring and a Holistic Health Clinic. Managing data can be complicated with such a wide range of programming. When we discovered DPT for our CRM work, we were looking for a company who would be accurate in helping us tell our story, understanding more than just the number of people we serve, and also embrace the work we are doing within our community. The staff at DPT has not disappointed us. They listen. They learn. They teach. DPT over the past year has done more than just provide a service. They have become 'characters' in the story called, Baxter Community Center as well as friends in our work. We highly recommend them to you if you are looking for more than just numbers, but are also looking for the human touch of face to face quality workmanship."

- Melanie Beelen
Executive Director
Baxter Community Center



"We have been amazed with DPT’s ability to hit the ground running and learn our industry and our unique business. Sometimes I think DPT knows us better than we know ourselves – their knowledge and ability to communicate in the same terms as our employees was invaluable. They are talented at drawing out detailed information about our business process and needs and our staff appreciated working with consultants who could come up to speed so quickly, saving them valuable time and resources."

- Marjie Dood
Executive Vice President of Administration & CFO
Bethany Christian Services


"We were looking for a local partner who is accessible, values its reputation and supports the community. DPT is that partner and has helped us realize the value that putting in CRM has had on improving business processes. They ask a lot of good questions and thoroughly understand our business. I can't speak highly enough of the DPT team - they are sincere, excellent relaters and listeners, and have great patience in teaching our staff."

- Kathleen Ribbens
Program Groups Vice President
PAWS With a Cause



Some of Our Clients:

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Why Nonprofits Should Leverage For-Profit Business Strategies

Most nonprofit employees are truly driven by the desire to serve their mission and constituents.
Your purpose matters, and working for a nonprofit is at the heart of what makes you tick.
So why would you want to treat your nonprofit like a for-profit business?

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