Thursday, November 23, 2017

Charles Sheridan


Title: Senior Consultant


B.S. Computer Networks and Systems \ Ferris State University

On Life

The moments I value the most are relaxing with my wife, watching my kids discover the world around them, and spending time with friends with the occasional board game thrown in for good measure. When the random moments of peace arrive, I tend towards picking up a book or getting outside and experiencing nature.

On Work

I have found that so much in the technology world comes down to understanding the details of what is being asked. There is no substitute for spending time with the people involved to gain that understanding. That is what I keep in mind whether I am developing something new or helping with an issue.

On Service

In my previous life, I worked at an organization with a very strong culture of providing excellent customer service. We made sure to develop relationships with our customers over the course of years, and it was apparent just how much that relationship helped our customers and ourselves. It made me happy to see that same commitment to developing a relationship and providing outstanding service to our customers at DPT.