Thursday, November 23, 2017

Avoid the CRM Death Spiral

Imagine that CRM has just been implemented in your company.

As a new tool, dependent on staff providing information, CRM creates excitement and involvement.
At first, your team may be enthusiastic.

But over time, people stop using the system because...

  • it doesn't work for them
  • the data isn't meaningful
  • they don't have the processes in place to know when and how to use it

They gradually stop keeping it up to date.

When this happens, the reliability and usability of the data decreases even more, which leads to less confidence in the system, which leads to less use of the system, which leads to less reliability and usability... And the cycle continues.

Death-SpiralDPT can help you avoid the CRM death spiral. Through our focus on success factors such as solid change management and governance, DPT can help you drive user adoption, develop meaningful metrics, and build continuous improvement processes to provide real business value and engagement over time.

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