Thursday, November 23, 2017

Amy L. Flick, PMP

Amy Flick

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Title: Principal


B.A. Business Administration \ University of Notre Dame \ Marketing concentration
Certified PMP
Certified PAHM

On Life

When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time with my friends, visiting my family across the country, watching college football, playing golf, and skiing (depending on the time of year, I’ll be on the snow or on the water!).

On Work

I joined DPT as a senior consultant in 2008, following a career spent in health care. My first "real job" after college was in the pharmaceutical industry, where I held positions in sales and leadership. My transition into health care insurance many years later afforded me the opportunity to formally develop my project and program management skill set while directly managing teams of highly skilled resources.

On Service

When I worked for Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical, we had a saying: "The patient is waiting." For me, that quote was infinitely inspiring. The patient was indeed waiting; waiting for us to discover, develop, and deliver a medicine to the medical community that would treat their medical condition or, possibly, even save their life. There was no time to waste!

Today, in my role as a business performance consultant, the word "patient" becomes "client." A "medical condition" is now "a business challenge." Despite the changes in terminology, the goal and the urgency behind that quote remains the same. To use my knowledge, skills, experiences, and professional resources to help leaders manage challenges to the “health” of their business and identify opportunities for them to grow stronger and thrive. There is (still) no time to waste!