Tuesday, December 12, 2017

About DPT

What We Do

How you did things yesterday can become today’s obstacles. Often, an experienced third party can identify and help remove some of those obstacles to success. DPT specializes in helping companies grow by:

  • Optimizing business processes
  • Achieving real results with CRM strategies and solutions
  • Accelerating project success through Project Leadership

Guiding Principles

DPT was formed as a team of business performance specialists, not technology implementers. While technology typically plays a role in improvement solutions, we believe that technology should support your business – not the other way around. The primary feedback we get from our clients is that we play an important business advisor role (much like their accountant or attorney relationships) around their sales and operational processes.  The idea is that most businesses rely on trusted advisors who know their business well, someone who can quickly understand and solve their business problems. We’re happy to be a local partner with many West Michigan organizations.

Our core values and guiding principles define who we are:

  • We maintain a clear focus on business performance consulting.
  • We strive to be a contributor in our community.
  • We seek to attract and retain top business people in West Michigan.
  • We’ve adopted a local partnership approach to best serve our customers.
  • We exemplify the highest business ethics in all relationships.
  • We cultivate and promote a positive DPT work experience.

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