Monday, January 23, 2017

Aligning People and Process to Drive Performance

  • Conquering the Bad Data Mountain

    Conquering the Bad Data Mountain

    Many organizations put new systems or different processes in place in an effort to better manage organizational relationships, processes and information. The problem is that while we have been adequately trained to be good stewards of the time and financial resources at our disposal, we often forget that data needs the same care and focus. Read More
  • Why you need both CRM & ERP to run your business

    Why you need both CRM & ERP to run your business

    Comparing CRM and ERP solutions is like looking at the difference between apples and oranges. Depending on the business problem you’re trying to solve, it may make sense to pick an apple or an orange – or in most cases – both. Read More
  • On the Blog

    On the Blog

    Were your fundraising events successful? Read about three high priority ways to invest in your nonprofit. Read More
  • How to Avoid the CRM Death Spiral

    How to Avoid the CRM Death Spiral

    If you want to get your CRM back on track, or are wondering how to get started with CRM the right way, here’s a look at the top five CRM success factors to help you avoid the Death Spiral: Read More
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The DPT Difference

At DPT, we have one goal: to help you achieve targeted goals for your people, processes and performance.  There is no cookie cutter here. Your organization is unique – and so is our approach to helping you improve your business – wherever it is needed. Our “getting started” roadmap is simple, as you can see.


Why Our Clients Love Working with Us

Every member of our staff is an experienced leader in his or her area of expertise. Whether process improvement, project leadership, strategic information management or CRM, we can quickly spot your challenges – and your opportunities. But talk is cheap.  Why not hear some success stories from our clients? Then contact us.

We can help your company:

  • Optimize business processes
  • Achieve real results with CRM strategies and solutions
  • Accelerate project success through Project Leadership

DPT is a local partner focused on making your business better, with measurable results.